Every year, GGA publishes the Report on Governance Professionals Responsibilities & Remuneration. This year’s report continued to examine governance professional roles, responsibilities and compensation among member organizations. This detailed report provides unique insights and in-depth data and analysis to assist in benchmarking organizations' governance professional remuneration practices, roles and responsibilities.  

The report is broken down into the following sections:

1. Demographic Information
2. Roles and Responsibilities
3. Compensation Levels
4. Compensation Structure 
5. Satisfaction & Motivation 

The use of technology has increased significantly year-over-year, with Board Portals and Board Surveys utilizing the highest use of web-based technology amongst survey participants (over 70%).

Roles and Responsibilities

Publicly Traded and Privately Held companies tend to pay higher than their Crown Corporation, Government and Not-for-Profit peers.

Compensation Levels

Just under one-quarter (23%) of the survey participants are eligible to receive a Long-Term Incentive. For those that receive a Long-Term Incentive, the majority reported receiving share-based awards (RSUs, PSUs, etc.) as opposed to stock options.

Compensation Structure

Over half of the survey participants reported being satisfied with both their compensation package and their work-life balance, but just under half were satisfied with their Career Mobility.

Satisfaction & Motivation

The 2019 Report on Governance Professionals Responsibilities & Remuneration can be accessed by subscribing to our blog.

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