Is your board driving company valuation or inhibiting your growth?

emPowerBoards can help maximize board management and performance; improve investor loyalty and communication; and ensure corporate governance:

  • Increase Board Performance - Impact Organizational Success
  • Board Member Evaluation 
  • Board Renewal 
  • Management Incentives 
  • Succession Planning

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Key Features

  • Create and manage meetings, while increasing your meeting's productivity, inside the emPowerBoards' portal by using timed/scrolling Agenda.
  • Manage user privileges and access if you are the Board chair or an admin.
  • Use the Agenda's speaker request feature to minimize meeting interruptions. 
  • Track your meeting's minutes with emPowerBoards. 
Join your board meeting from your cell phone with emPowerBoards' secure app that is compatible with iOS and Android. 
Stay organized with emPowerBoards' Calendar.
Document Management
Manage and annotate your meeting's documents directly from your computer, tablet or phone using our secure Document Management feature.
D&O Survey/Reports
Director & officer assessment questionnaire & reporting.
Keep your boardroom paperless with emPowerBoards' eSignature.
Online Voting
Maximize your time with emPowerBoards' Online Voting feature. 
Peer Evaluations
Create a more efficient and productive Board by using emPowerBoards' Peer Evaluation feature.
Video Capabilities

emPowerBoards is the first ever Board Management software that offers TV quality Broadcast/record ability.

emPower Your...


Global Governance Advisors views the dialogue and advancement of strong corporate governance as fundamental – not only to your bottom line for the next quarter, but to the long-term goals of your business for many years to come.

Home Owners Association

emPower features a dynamic peer evaluation process that delivers important feedback about board dynamics. The evaluation tool set, and reporting is critical to making boards more effective and achieving organizational success.

Non-Profit Organization

The emPower platform experience for administrators is designed for productivity and efficiency. Our team has thoughtfully created tool sets and workflow processes that seamlessly fit into the needs of board administrators.

GGA provides exceptional client support and service, particularly around turnaround and response times. Efficiency is critical to our work and GGA ensures each request is treated as priority. That means if we call GGA on a Friday night with an urgent request, GGA will put in the required time and effort to make sure we receive the deliverable by Monday.

Irene Barone, Former Vice President, Human Resources OMERS